Experience Berkeley

UC Berkeley
  • I think that Berkeley is a really exciting place to be intellectually, because you are around so many people that have such drive. Everyone wants to make a difference in the world.
  • It’s accepting, it’s adventurous, it fits me and my personality. I don’t want to be pushed into a mold. I want to discover myself.
  • My parents would always tell me that Berkeley is the greatest school in the world. If you want to do something great with your life, then you should try your best to go there.
  • It’s just incredible that there are so many intelligent people here, so many great ideas just floating around everywhere and so many great opportunities that I’m excited about.
  • I think it’s so amazing to see so many different cultures, people from all over the world. I knew this was the place when I first got to visit here.
  • I love how it’s a liberal school. I feel like people here can be themselves and not be judged by others.
  • It was full of people that were determined and motivated to do great things in the world.
“It is not the dedicated revolutionaries, it is not the rebels who endanger society, but rather the accepting, the unthinking, the unquestioning, the docile, the obedient, the indifferent.”
Leon Litwack, professor emeritus, history