Web Registry

Suggest a website to include

The A-Z web registry serves as a central directory for all official UC Berkeley websites, making it easy to find these sites. (Student organization websites should be registered through the LEAD Center.)

To add a site to the web registry, you must agree to abide by the following terms & conditions.

  1. Please register only the main page of your department, unit or program’s official website. In general, please do not register subpages or subsections of your site. We also will consider registering sites that are heavily accessed.
  2. You must agree to abide by the University of California Electronic Communications Policy as well as UC Berkeley’s Online Activities Policy.
  3. A faculty or staff member must agree to be responsible for a site maintained by an administrative, teaching, or research unit and agree to keep the contents of the site in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  4. We may request periodic renewals of this agreement.
  5. Your site’s listing may be added or removed from the UC Berkeley gateway site as these documents are revised.
  6. Personal websites will not be registered.
  7. If a problem or potential problem is brought to our attention, we will notify the faculty or staff member responsible for resolution of the matter.
  8. A website may be removed from the registry pending investigation to determine if that site is in some way violating these terms and conditions. Notification of such removal of registration generally will be sent at least three working days in advance to the e-mail address listed for contact. However, a website may be removed from the registry without prior notice when required by and consistent with applicable policies or law. Removals may be appealed by request from the department or unit head for the site.
  9. If a website does not properly implement server and network protocols, or becomes otherwise inaccessible, we will work with the contact for the site for an appropriate resolution. If we cannot reach a resolution, we may remove the reference to it from the registry and the alphabetical list of registered websites.

Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.